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In life there is so much to celebrate, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, new jobs, office parties, engagements, promotions, TGIF and we can keep going.

Sometimes life happens and you forget a loved ones special day and you honestly don’t have time to:

  • Wait for the bakery that closed at 5:30pm, (an hour before you remembered its Mum’s birthday) to open at 9am only to find out the cake you want cannot be made unless you’ve given the bakery 4 days notice.  
  • Search through social media for a bakery and then spend another 40 minutes deciding on a cake, whether the bakery is legit, the price etc. … praying to God that what you agreed is what will be delivered, look wise and taste wise. 

We know good cakes can be hard to find, especially when ordering a cake to be delivered in a state you don’t reside in.

At jaraCake we have solved those problems.

An online marketplace for cakes & confectionaries by bakery partners specially handpicked to deliver only the best even with short notice.

járáCake has partners spread across 23+ cities and states across Nigeria.

We’ve created a service to bridge the gap between Bakeries across Nigeria and YOU.

We have created a one stop shop where we’ve made buying cakes across the country really simple.

You can rely on the fact that what you see online is what you get (except otherwise specified), and the delivery will be on your specified day; and so you can order with absolute confidence.

All you have to do is browse the cakes available in that state, Add to cart and pay. BOOM! As easy as ABC.

We never want anyone to ever feel unloved or alone, especially on their special day.

Gift receiving, no matter how small is one of the ways we stay connected to those that matter to us and it is one of the ways our loved ones know we care. Sometimes, words aren’t enough; you have to show someone how you feel.

Over 90% of bakeries in Nigeria are owned and run by women. Our core vision is to financially empower these women and their businesses by helping them access the growing online market



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Discover our journey

2016-08-08 13.07.45
Website launch - Sept. 2016
Website Launch They call me Mellow Yellow lol We still can't remember why we decided to have the color of our website yellow, but for our customers who still patronized us in spite of such, you are the real MVP. A few months later though a customer made a comment about how yellow was a bit much lol so we changed it. lol you can shout happiness with a white-colored site too
Sold our first cake - Oct. 2016
On the 17th of October, we sold our first cake to our first customer in Lagos called Seye. He ordered 3 Red Velvet cupcakes lol. We call him our guardian angel because the process was quite stressful then but he stuck with us even though he only found us online that morning.
single cupcake
Launched jaraCake 2.0 - 5th Feb
We launched our beautiful website

Meet our Sweetheart in Chief

Eyinimofe Adeniran


My name is Eyinimofe. I’m a card carrying member of the foodie & junk food club. I love cake, cheese cake and chocolate cake. I make the best cheese cake in my opinion 🙂

I love making people feel super special through gift giving. The gifts isn’t just about cake, but the gift of time, attention, complements and most especially service.

Wanna make the world a happier place?

We are looking for passionate, hard/smart working Sweethearts

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