At jaraCake, we understand that life can be hectic and it’s easy to forget a loved one’s special day. You may have remembered the birthday at the last minute, but now the bakery has closed for the day and you’re stuck with no options. Or, maybe you’ve found a bakery online but you’re spending hours trying to decide on a cake, worrying about the legitimacy of the bakery and the quality of the cake you’ll receive. The frustration of not being able to find a good cake can be overwhelming.

That’s where jaraCake comes in! We’ve made it our mission to bring happiness and convenience to your life. We’ve taken all the stress out of finding the perfect cake for your loved one’s special occasion. With our website and online channels, it’s now super easy for anyone, anywhere in the world, to order a delicious cake to be delivered to their loved one’s doorstep in Nigeria. No more worrying about the bakery being closed, no more spending hours trying to find the perfect cake, and no more worrying about the quality of the cake you’ll receive. With jaraCake, you can sit back, relax and let us handle everything!

So, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, graduation, new job, office party, engagement, promotion or even just a Friday celebration, jaraCake is here to help make your special occasion unforgettable! #SpreadHappiness #CelebrateLife

Celebrate life’s sweet moments with ease thanks to járáCake! Say goodbye to stress and confusion when ordering cakes for your loved ones. We’ve handpicked the best bakeries across 23+ cities and states in Nigeria, to bring you the best cakes and confectionaries with just a few clicks.

Browse through our selection, add to cart, pay, and voila! Your perfect cake is on its way. With járáCake, what you see is what you get (unless otherwise specified) and delivery is always on time. No more long lines, no more searching for the perfect bakery, no more worrying about the final product.

Celebrate life’s special moments with confidence and joy – choose járáCake!

At járáCake, we believe that spreading love and joy is essential for a happy life. And what better way to show someone you care than with a sweet treat on their special day!

We understand that sometimes words aren’t enough and a little gesture can go a long way. That’s why we’ve created an online marketplace for delicious cakes and confectionaries, handpicked from the best bakeries across Nigeria.

We’re proud to empower the amazing women who own and run over 90% of these bakeries. Our goal is to help them grow their businesses and thrive by connecting them with a wider online market.

So, whether you’re looking to surprise someone on their birthday, celebrate an anniversary, or just show a little love, we’ve got you covered. Spread happiness, one cake at a time!


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2016-08-08 13.07.45
Website launch - Sept. 2016
Website Launch They call me Mellow Yellow lol We still can't remember why we decided to have the color of our website yellow, but for our customers who still patronized us in spite of such, you are the real MVP. A few months later though a customer made a comment about how yellow was a bit much lol so we changed it. lol you can shout happiness with a white-colored site too
Sold our first cake - Oct. 2016
On the 17th of October, we sold our first cake to our first customer in Lagos called Seye. He ordered 3 Red Velvet cupcakes lol. We call him our guardian angel because the process was quite stressful then but he stuck with us even though he only found us online that morning.
single cupcake
Launched jaraCake 2.0 - 5th Feb
We launched our beautiful website

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Eyinimofe Adeniran


Hi there, my name is Eyinimofe and I’m a proud member of the foodie and junk food club! I have a huge sweet tooth and can never say no to delicious cake, cheesecake, or chocolate cake. In fact, I think I make the best cheesecake ever – if I do say so myself!

I love making people feel special and loved through the art of gift-giving. It’s not just about the cake, it’s about the gift of time, attention, compliments, and most of all, top-notch service. Let’s spread some love and happiness together!

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