Successful Redelivery: A 2-Tier Buttercream Cake Story

cake accident/redeliver story- jaracake

Once upon a time, there was a 2-tier buttercream cake made by a skilled pastry chef at a partner bakery for

The Initial Buttercream cake

The cake was carefully packaged and ready to be delivered to a celebrant for a special Birthday celebration on Sunday Morning in Lagos.

However, disaster struck when the delivery driver had a mini accident on his way to the delivery address.

The cake was damaged, and JaraCake had to act quickly to make things right. The team quickly took the cake back to the partner bakery and we agreed together with the pastry chef to re-ice the cake with fondant icing as the celebrant would still have to take the cake to Victoria Island for a planned Lunch Buffet with friends and family later that afternoon.

Re-Iced as a Fondant cake

*The Beauty of Fondant cakes is that they travel a lot better than Buttercream cakes. Read more on the difference via this post

A couple of hours later, the cake was redelivered to the celebrant, and the look of delight on their face was priceless. They loved the taste and look of the cake, and couldn’t believe that it had been damaged earlier that morning.

jaraCake’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction shines through in this story. This is why customers should choose for all of their cake needs. Plus, the delivery driver wasn’t hurt and his car was fine, thankfully.

jaraCake is proud to have delivered another successful cake, thanks to its talented partner bakers and dedicated team. With more orders on the horizon, jaraCake is poised for continued success and customer satisfaction.

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  1. Yes ... this is a true life story and i am the recipient. I felt bad initially that i will not give my wife a cake but within a twinkle of an eye...... the cake is life and breathing again. Thanks Jara for always being there ......
    • Awwwww this warms our heart sooo much Dr. Thank you so much for your patronage, trust, loyalty and for rocking with jaraCake for so many years now. Thank you for your understanding, patience and allowing Us to get your order right. We are glad the celebrant loved her re-delivered cake. stay Happy

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