Remembering 9/11

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Remembering 9/11

As someone who loves the US, and with many of our customers calling it a second home, September 11 is always a day of sober reflection for Americans and for many people across the World.

Whenever the date β€˜September 11’ approaches on the calendar, It’s not only a reminder of how fragile life is, it is a reminder of how much harm humans have the potential to do to other humans. To all those who lost their lives we hope you find eternal rest; and to all those who lost loved ones, I pray continual strength and comfort for you.

It is important however to not dwell on the negative but to also remember that anytime anyday, We all still have the potential to do tremendous good to each other and to our world.

I admonish you to be the light of your world. If enough of us shine our lights, we will invariably make darkness inconsequential and there will be no more hiding place for darkness.

Remember that darkness is only the absence of light.

God bless Nigeria, God bless America, God bless all the nations of the world

Be kind to one another and stay happy

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